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The world of entertainment is changing rapidly - never before have there been so many platforms, services and broadcasters fighting for such a wide variety of viewers, from the daily lives and musings of Insta stars to the bingeable ‘just one more episode’ mentality with Netflix. Traditional broadcasters are trying to catch up, diversify their offerings and retain their audiences and more importantly, keep all eyes on them.

More than just a community for gamers, Twitch is a streaming service that flies in the face of the traditional broadcasters, video-on-demand platforms and other social media channels. Its millions-strong army of streamers don’t just create videos for their audiences, they also create whole communities of fiercely loyal and engaged fans.

Our work for Twitch involves raising awareness of its pioneering technology and features, the unique personalities found in the streamer community, and core members of the business that make it such a disruptive and unique force. From promoting partnerships such as the BBC’s Classic Doctor Who Stream, and Dele Ali’s debut playing Fortnite, to ensuring the CEO is on the BBC when he’s in town.

The entertainment landscape has never been so competitive and we’re proud to be leading the charge with a standard-setting service such as Twitch.

'Twitch is a fantastic platform, and the best in what it does especially as it expands into prime games, allowing people to play games they might have missed. There’s very much the mentality that if you’re not on Twitch you may be missing out.'  Editor In Chief, Stuff Magazine


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