The Spirit of Sharing Drives Share of Voice and Sales

Higgidy and FareShare highlight the happiness of sharing during National Pie Week Campaign

During 2020’s British Pie Week, Higgidy wanted to communicate their spirit of sharing which was brought to life through their life-long partnership through FareShare, the food waste charity. Their unique initiative meant that for every pie bought during Pie Week, Higgidy would donate one to FareShare, to those in need, with the ultimate aim to drive more sales than ever during the national week.

We defined a campaign based on the insight that the act of sharing food feeds the soul and lifts spirits, and took the approach of aiming to inspire everyone to enjoy the spirit of sharing this Pie Week, be it with friends or family. We defined three streams of work, one utilising influencers, one using a food artist to generate some compelling picture content for media, and one based on hard-working media relations to ensure that Higgidy was engaging consumers in many different ways across Pie Week.

The result? A huge range of content from influencers which inspired and engaged;  coverage generated live on air on Chris Moyle’s Radio X show, as well as social nods on Zoe Ball and Matt Baker’s Instagram channels; Higgidy having a presence in all pie-related stories and roundups across national and consumer media during the week.

“We were thrilled with how our 2020 Pie Week campaign was executed – everything came together so well to achieve some amazing results. We’re already thinking about next year!” 

Brand Manager, Higgidy

% share of voice

pies sold

% increase in sales forecasted

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