Helping Samsung to no.1 in the Market

Samsung’s biggest ever phone launch

Samsung was finally in a position to challenge Apple for the no.1 position in the smartphone market, and we were tasked with making this their biggest ever phone launch.

The insight:

Knowing that the millennial audience was key to making the Samsung phone a pop culture hit, we devised a strategy to put the brand at the centre of the conversation from announcement, through launch and beyond.

The solution:

Following a livestream of the phone’s unveiling at Mobile World Congress to a VIP audience in London, we signed 10 of the UK’s biggest YouTubers to create bespoke content focusing on the phone’s key features – camera, design and battery. Underpinned by an always-on press office, ‘leaks’ strategy and reviews programme, we made the Samsung the most-written-about phone in the media after its announcement at Mobile World Congress.

The results:

The influencer content alone drove 30+million organic views alone which drove 154k product pre-registrations in 36 hours. There were over 1,500 pieces of coverage during the campaign including national, broadcast, lifestyle and technology media, helping Samsung to become the smartphone market leader and topple Apple.

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