Pukka Pies: Being the most talked about pie brand during Pie Week

Following the success of last year’s Pie Week, Pukka wanted to maintain its majority SOV over competitor brands like Pieminister and Ginsters and own the national day for themselves, to be the most talked about brand, and to drive sales.

To harness the nation’s love of pies, Kazoo revealed the top 10 names of people who love pies most - launching a special edition range of ‘pie-sonalised’ Pukka Pies featuring these names to reward pie superfans.

To maximise brand fame we also targeted celebrities, influencers and radio DJs with the same names as the top 10 list, gifting them with their own personalised pies to generate chat online.

Achieving 65% SOV over competitor brands through Pie Week and contributed to 750,000 pie sales. The nation celebrating Pie Week with Pukka had an overall ROI of 41:1.

What’s more, our Pie Week campaign made the cut in The Grocer’s ‘Best PR stunts of 2019 in food & drink’ roundup.

Senior Brand Manager at Pukka Pies said“We wanted to keep the momentum going following our amazing Pie Week success in 2018, and our campaign this year certainly delivered!

“Kazoo worked with the all agency team to smash it again for Pie Week 2019, with a simple, creative idea that was effective across all channels. We achieved fantastic results across PR and social, with strong coverage and high engagement, helping us achieve our goal of being the most talked about brand during Pie Week.”

pie sales

:1 ROI

% SOV over competitor brands

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