The Award-Winning OnePlus ‘Load Rage’ Campaign


OnePlus was criminally unknown in the UK and so being the first manufacturer to launch a 5G phone represented a huge opportunity to grow its brand awareness – our major challenge.


Audience insights told us that OnePlus’ core fanbase of millennials and Gen Z consumers were one of the most connected generations of our time.  Their mobile phones were an intrinsic part of their daily lives and formed part of their social DNA, but this in turn had made them one of the most stressed out generations too; commonly referred to as ‘The Burnout Generation’.

This Burnout Generation was somewhat of a paradox – they acknowledge that they can’t live without their phones and are on them constantly, but also want to reduce their screen time.

So, how did we convince The Burnout Generation to upgrade to a 5G phone when they are trying to step away from their phones?


Our narrative needed to own the 5G conversation and tap into the emotional trigger points of our audience – their need for immediacy coupled with their desire for reduced screen time. Critically, we also needed a hook that the wider public could relate to and therefore earn the attention of the mainstream media to help brand awareness.

In answer to the challenge, we devised an in-depth consumer research study into people’s frustrations with slow mobile internet downloads, which we identified as ‘Load Rage.’

The 'Load Rage' campaign was executed across all media sectors and drove huge ‘talkability’ among consumers and in the media, helping to position OnePlus as a 5G innovator.

The campaign received a Mark of Excellence from the CIPR and has also been shortlisted at the PR Moment Awards and the CIPR Awards for Best Use of Media Relations.

“Never thought I’d enjoy an Android! I thought I was iPhone for life!”

Sunday Mirror Notebook

% to 50% brand awareness increase

% OnePlus message inclusion

Brand consideration grew from
% to 9%

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