Load Rage: OnePlus Reveals Millennials' Digital Woes

Kazoo was set the task of growing awareness for the OnePlus brand and establishing it as a pioneer for 5G.

Whilst millennials and Gen Z are aware that 5G is coming, the general population needs convincing of why 5G matters. To ensure media cut through, it was important to connect OnePlus to the current news agenda and provide opportunities to engage in wider conversations around 5G and bring to life the phone’s features like Zen Mode.

OnePlus conducted research to highlight the time it takes for Brits to become frustrated over slow download speeds. The research was used as a platform to help promote the new OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, and its Zen Mode feature. The information gained from the survey was used to craft the news angle that millennials rely so heavily on the internet that they experience ‘load rage’, a feeling of frustration and feeling worked up over their internet woes.

The research was sold into national, online, consumer, technology and regional press and a radio day was conducted with The Gadget Show presenter Georgie Barrat to drive broadcast exposure for the brand.

The Load Rage campaign drove huge ‘talkability’ in the media and helped position OnePlus as a 5G innovator. With 198 pieces of coverage generated across broadcast, national, online, consumer lifestyle, technology and regional media, the campaign reached 1,524,553,804 people. Key highlights included The Metro, Sky News, Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post, Refinery 29 with coverage as far reaching as The Times India (a key growth market for the business). 70 per cent of the coverage included 5G and Zen Mode messaging and 93 per cent included commentary from Kate Parkyn, Head of Growth at OnePlus.

“Young phone users are five times more likely to lose their temper because of slow download speeds than older people, a new survey of UK smartphone users by Chinese manufacturer OnePlus has shown.” Daily Telegraph

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