Leading the esports revolution and building a global brand

Building a Global Brand with Gfinity

Since launching the UK’s first 10-week esports tournament, the Gfinity Elite Series, we’ve continued to celebrate its action, innovation and creativity, shining a light on a subculture that is inspiring a new generation.

With Fortnite catapulting video games to the top of the news agenda, and with esports event audiences challenging those of real sports, we were set for Gfinity’s flagship tournament to introduce esports to the masses. With a wealth of stories from Gfinity being an esports trailblazer, of bedroom gamers being catapulted into the big time and celebrating the established superstars, our goal was to drive more people to watch Gfinity Elite Series.

Our Elite Series press office focused on sharing relatable, human stories and celebrating pioneering broadcast and video game technology. We’ve researched industry news, the latest community topics and brainstormed creative news hooks to hit traditional, digital and broadcast media consistently. And we’ve documented the growth of Gfinity as a leader on the world stage, with carefully-placed business profiling.

Our strategy has worked: Season 3 of the Elite Series saw 253 pieces of coverage in 8 weeks (a 247% increase on Season 2) and achieved 14 million views, a 55% increase from the previous season.

We've hit Sky News three times this year, had features on, FourFourTwo, Mail Online, Dream Team FC, Daily Express, Mirror Online, Tech Advisor and have steadily moved into media sectors where you wouldn’t typically see stories about esports.

With the launch of next season just around the corner and esports on the tip of everybody’s tongue; this might just be the year that we stop watching traditional sports altogether and switch it up for its digital cousin …

“I have nothing but great things to say about Kazoo. They are the reason Gfinity punches above its weight when it comes to coverage…”  Head of Comms, Gfinity

% YOY coverage increase

253 pieces of coverage for Elite Series Season 3

£0.006 CPT for Elite Series Season 3


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