Driving consideration through BT’s influencer campaign

Our BT Complete Wifi influencer campaign drove a 65% consideration change with Sky customers, stating that they would consider changing to BT after seeing our campaign's content.

Influencer campaigns are steadily becoming an instrumental part of our clients’ press office – from food to health and wellbeing – and when done right, can move mountains when it comes to brand perception and sales. We pitched our idea for a creative influencer campaign for the second launch of BT’s Complete Wi-Fi – it was the best way for us to achieve their objectives and generate positive brand conversations online.

The main aim of the campaign was to bring to life BT’s Complete Wi-Fi promise of ‘guaranteeing signal in every room of the home’, as well as increasing intent to purchase and brand favourability.  We did this by onboarding three lifestyle Instagrammers (Come Down to the Woods, Lust Living and Frock Me I’m Famous) and challenged them to bring this guarantee to life in a way that was personal to their own Wi-Fi woes and struggles at home.

Our creative approach resulted in unique content that met all KPIs and drove a 17% increase in intent to purchase BT in the future. The campaign also drove a 23% increase in recommendations and was able to drive brand attributes that traditional marketing couldn’t do, including “BT is for people like me” which saw a 30% increase in relatability.

The campaign was successful against industry benchmarks with an impressive 2.01% average engagement rate, 831 comments with 97% positive sentiment and 3,500 clicks through to the product page on the BT website.

.01 % average engagement

% positive sentiment

clicks through to the BT website

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