Driving consideration through BT’s influencer campaign

BT Complete Wifi influencer campaign drove a 64% consideration change with SKY customers

Although the campaign was extremely simple to execute, it challenged how BT had previously worked with influencers, which had always been focused predominantly on product-led initiatives rather than brand-led comms.

Encouraging BT to relinquish control of the brand and put it in the hands of influencers to devise their own content to suit their channel style was also a huge undertaking and helped force the brand to review its core digital marketing principles and guidelines.

The main aim of the campaign was to bring to life BT’s Complete Wi-Fi promise of ‘guaranteeing signal in every room of the home’, as well as increasing intent to purchase and brand favourability.  We did this by onboarding three lifestyle Instagrammers (Come Down to the Woods, Lust Living and Frock Me I’m Famous) and challenged them to bring this guarantee to life in a way that was personal to their own Wi-Fi woes and struggles at home.

Investment in external measurement allowed us to set a benchmark for success to include metrics such as business impact, customer perceptions scores and intent to purchase, which other campaigns since have had to follow.

Our influencer approach resulted in 611,000 accounts reached by the content. In terms of business impact measures the campaign increased brand favourability/positive opinion about BT by 22%. There was a recorded 23% increase in overall recommendations of BT and an intent to subscribe to BT increased by 17%. 

Finally the campaign was able to drive brand attributes that traditional marketing couldn’t do, including “BT is for people like me” Seeing a 30% increase in relatability.



% average engagement

% brand favourability

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