Bensons For Beds Capitalise On Wellness Trend to Boost Footfall


As the UK’s leading bed retailer, Bensons is uniquely placed to own the sleep narrative.  Over the last three years of working with them we have helped to move the brand from a functional bed retailer to a lifestyle brand with a focus on wellness. With National Bed Month, the bed industries biggest seasonal event taking place in March and lockdown beginning to set in, we were tasked to help Bensons not only own the sleep narrative, but also maintain brand relevance at a critical time for UK retail.


Using live data, we discovered that one in seven relationships in the UK were suffering due to a lack of sleep.  Using this insight we created a compelling narrative that tapped into people’s obsession with sleep and leveraged the emotional impact it had on their relationships.


Utilising National Bed Month as our platform, we devised a powerful research and evidence-based content story around the emotional and physical impact of sleep, which we called The Bensons Sleep Relationship Report.

We created a PR storm, partnering with Dr Sophie Bostock to leverage commentary around sleep, as well as identifying well-known sleep deprived celebrities such as Zoe Ball, Chris Moyles and Roman Kemp to issue personalised Sleep Relationship kits.

As the country went into lock-down, we quickly changed our approach and utilised Bensons’ relationship with MIND, as well as tips from Dr Sophie Bostock to secure coverage around the impact of a lack of sleep on your mental health.

The campaign drove an all time high of 40% increase in footfall for peak sales period

 "Kazoo’s Sleep Wellness campaign outperformed all previous PR campaigns with a huge 52% share of voice. It was the best performing marketing discipline throughout the business at Easter Peak Sales" 

Head of Marketing, Bensons For Beds


% increase brand consideration

% sales conversion using SleepPRO

% SOV vs Competitors

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