Building the brand and telling its story for over 15 years

Kazoo is proud to run BT’s busy UK consumer press office for over 15 years.

From product and service launches to sponsorship and brand building, we are tasked with communicating features, creating stand out campaigns and maintaining BT’s reputation.

We have cultivated strong relationships with national, consumer, tech and business media that has helped us knock our coverage targets out of the park for a decade and a half.

Landmark campaigns we have delivered include:

  • The launch of broadband
  • The launch of BT TV
  • The addition of Sky Sports to the TV platform, which led to the success of BT Sport
  • Its launch into the mobile market with BT Mobile

We have also worked on countless charity led projects.

Here’s a snapshot of highlights from our 15-year partnership:

We set up a nationwide search for small businesses that demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit and best use of technology as part of the ‘Essence of the Entrepreneur’ Campaign. Judged by “Dragon” Peter Jones and captured by photographer Rankin, the campaign saw 11,000 businesses visit the microsite.  It succeeded in positioning BT Business as the broadband partner of UK SMEs.

Kazoo created national awareness of BT’s sponsorship of and support for sport including the launch of BT Team Ellen and its 2012 Olympic sponsorship.

To launch BT Vision’s Back the Bid for the 2018 World Cup, we devised an iconic photo-call with Peter Crouch and Geoff Hurst and created a viral campaign to encourage fan support.

BT FON was launched with an attempt to create the world’s largest ‘virtual Mexican Wave’. Partnering with Premiership Clubs, their players started the wave, which we filmed. Peter Crouch created a video tutorial and over 18,000 fans uploaded videos.

To promote BT Infinity, we developed the BT Infinity Presents YouTube channel. Gigs by performers including Conor Maynard and Rizzle Kicks were streamed live in HD for the first time ever. Intimate audiences of media and competition winners were on set and the online audience sent over 30,000 tweets during the events.

At our home-from-home experience to launch BT Whole Home Wi-Fi, national, technology and lifestyle media got an exclusive overview of how the BT WHW works. From streaming Netflix to watching cooking tutorials on YouTube, demos and media briefings helped secure 27 valuable, positive reviews and nine award logos.

On-going coverage for BT’s Whole Home Wi-Fi campaign was generated through research and working with parenting expert Sue Aitken to showcase how parents struggle to get their children to complete homework.

Daily coverage is still being generated daily for the celebration of the 5,000th adoption of an iconic BT phone box in line with its Adopt a Kiosk scheme. To promote this, we transformed a traditional phone box into a full working production of a temporary ‘night club’ in 2018 which saw blanket coverage across both national and international.

Launched BT’s first ever influencer campaign bringing BT Complete Wi-Fi to the masses. Working with four influencers with a combined following of over 2million, the campaign saw fantastic engagement across social.


“I have worked with many PR agencies and Kazoo is one of the best. They have been an extension of the BT Consumer PR team for over ten years as they understand our internal pressures and business demands plus ultimately, they get the job done to a really high standard. Passionate, intelligent and not afraid to challenge, I would recommend them to anyone.”  Head of PR & Events BT

% customer conversion rate on launch day of Smart Hub

k SkySports downloads on launch day

% awareness of BT Mobile increase following Craig David stunt

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