World’s Smallest Disco in a BT Phonebox stunt

 Creative & Cost effective to Unite a Community for BT

A big moment was on the horizon for our longest standing client, BT, and it's community 'adopt a phonebox' scheme.

Celebrating the 5,000th phonebox to be adopted BT wanted to hit national coverage to promote the brand’s long-standing initiative for local councils to apply to take ownership of their community phone box for £1.

The result? We transformed a traditional BT phone box in the quiet town of Kingsbridge, Devon into a full working production of a temporary ‘night club’ – the first of its kind. Partnering with the Press Association, we conducted a photoshoot of the world’s smallest disco to issue out to press far and wide.

A community focused and cost-effective creative idea that saw blanket coverage across national press including The Guardian, Metro, Mail Online and The Sun, as well as coverage appearing internationally on sites such as Asia One, Times of Malta, Canada News and EuroNews.

"Passionate, intelligent and not afraid to challenge, Kazoo has worked on everything from our consumer press liaison to high profile launches. I would recommend them to anyone.” Head of PR & Events, BT Group

Pieces of Coverage

ROI 30:1

million+ overall reach


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