#NotAMimic stunt for Prey

Taking a digital first approach to build awareness for Bethesda's Prey

Some brands miss the point when it comes to engaging their audience but Bethesda isn’t one of them. When they challenged us to make the launch of Prey a stand-out event on the gaming calendar we asked them to think bravely and wait to see what caught the imagination of the gaming community before devising our lead creative.

It was the Mimics in the game that caught the fans' attention: alien beings that can impersonate their surroundings, transforming into everyday inanimate objects. Specifically the online buzz was about the fear of mimics so we capitalised on this by creating a guerilla style photo stunt in Central London labelling everyday items and iconic landmarks with ‘Not a Mimic’ labels. This drove huge social chat and Youtube views, supported by media mailers and feature pieces with titles such as Evening Standard and Five Live.

The campaign has been nominated for numerous awards including CIPR Excellence Awards and PR Moment Awards.

“I came on Twitter and everyone is advertising a video game. That’s some impressive PR”  The Daily Telegraph

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No.2 gaming pre-sales charts


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