Bethesda: Fallout 4


  • To build anticipation for the announcement of Fallout 4, and trend on Twitter in the UK


  • A teaser campaign directed media to a 24-hour countdown holding page
  • An in-depth sell-in of trailers and assets was conducted in tandem with the game’s announcement at the E3 conference
  • Three national and entertainment journalists were hosted at the E3 conference, with access to Game Director Todd Howard
  • Social influencer contacts were engaged with content, resulting in tweets from Ali-A and The Sidemen


  • Trended 2nd in the UK on the day of the teaser and 1st in the UK on the day of announcement.
  • Fallout 4 generated twice as many articles in Europe as the latest Call of Duty announcement.
  • UK was responsible for 19% of Fallout 4 articles in Europe
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